Peter & Elaine Reo-
In our almost 50 years of marriage my wife and I purchased and sold a number of homes and properties, all in association with real estate agents on both sides of the negotiation table.  Quite frankly, almost all of those have been unpleasant experiences in one way or another.  That is, until we met and dealt with Tom Waidelich of Jupiter Coastal Properties.
We listed our condo at the Marina at the Bluffs in January and closed it a few months later.  Tom was our realtor.  We chose him after hearing from several owners/sellers that he was the best around.  They were right, and we never regretted a day of having Tom as our agent.
From setting the price, throughout the numerous showings, to the final negotiations Tom was always there for us, and just a phone call away.  He calmed our anxieties, answered our questions, communicated regularly and guided us through the emotional process of separating ourselves from a home we had for 30 years.  Tom is the complete honest straightforward real estate professional who can be trusted and we will always be grateful for the way he handled our sale.  We would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a real estate agent in the coastal area.
Kenneth Petrosky-Severna Park, MD
Even before all business was done, I was completely satisfied with my choice of Tom Waidleich as a most capable, efficient, and energetic realtor.  My wife and I spent ten weeks in Florida at my mother’s Jupiter condo with the intent of selling it.  We depended upon Tom’s competent advice from setting up the condo for open house to its final sale, and since most of the sales activity took place after we returned to our home up North, he was relied on to handle every aspect including inspection repairs and final clean-up.  Tom was always clear and efficient regarding all paper work connected to the sale and always returned phone calls and e-mails promptly.  He even helped us rid the condo of some of its oversized furniture and other items which we did not have time to do.  I would never hesitate to highly recommend Tom Waidleich and his service as a realtor.
The Belanger Family-Indian Orchard, Massachusetts
We were extremely pleased with the way Tom Waidelich the Owner/Broker of Jupiter Coastal Properties handled the sale of our Jupiter Bluffs condo. Tom provided a great deal of research info to help us determine an appropriate listing price. He held numerous open houses, highlighted our property in his in-depth newsletter and handled every detail of the closing efficiently.

Tom is extremely knowledgeable about the Jupiter real estate market, especially the Bluffs properties. His background in property appraisal adds great value. He has an extensive network of potential buyers and professional marketing materials and he utilizes a variety of online sites to get the widest visibility for your property.

We especially liked the personal service. We looked at larger, flashier firms but in the end we were so pleased with our decision to trust Tom with our property.

Lenny Lombardo & Bonnie Dokuchitz-Jupiter, Florida
Before anymore time passes we wanted to thank you for all your help with our new home.  You were always very patient, interested and great at getting additional details for us.  You made our search so much easier and as pleasant as possible.  We would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone we know looking for a realtor.   It’s a pleasure to deal with people who are in the right career.  We are grateful you are our realtor. 

Steve & Lonna Liccini – Haymarket, Virginia

Tom is outstanding!  He was the perfect realtor for us in relocating to Jupiter.  He worked with us for over two years to locate our property.  His patience, cooperation, honesty, and kindness are unsurpassed.  In our 21 relocations over the past 45 years, we have never encountered a better realtor.

We are very grateful for his service and we recommend Tom unconditionally. 

Bill Davis-Slidell Louisiana

My Dad lived in his Jupiter condo for 25 years, and when he moved to California he left years of accumulated belongings behind.  By the time he decided to sell he was unable to travel, and my wife and I needed to handle the cleanup and sale remotely from Louisiana.  In a whirlwind long weekend we drove down with my daughter and her dog, went through all that Dad left behind to make sure that nothing of personal value remained, loaded everything to be kept in a U-Haul trailer, filled a dumpster with things we didn’t want, and drove back to Louisiana.  (Deep Breath!)

I spoke with several Real Estate Agents before we left for Florida, and had decided to contract with Tom Waidelich and Jupiter Coastal Properties.  He seemed very interested in working with us to help with the unique aspects of this particular sale, working primarily with me in Louisiana but having my Dad in CA ultimately responsible for decisions that were made.  He proved that he was definitely the right person for the job over and over again.

The first challenges came when it became apparent that we weren’t going to have the time and resources available to have the condo completely cleaned out while we were there.  Some of the furniture was too large to fit in the elevator or down the stairs.  I realized once we were there that some of Dad’s furniture had to be delivered with a crane.  Tom volunteered to coordinate removal of the items that we couldn’t get out, and worked with local charitable organizations and contractors to have what remained of Dad’s belongings removed, and final clean up of the condo performed.  And, of course, there were air conditioning problems that had to be repaired to demonstrate proper function of the system prior to sale.  Tom was also able to have these quickly corrected for us.
Throughout the time that the condo was listed for sale Tom kept in touch with us, letting us know the results of many Open Houses and showings. And once a contract was signed and final inspections were being performed, some old photographs were found that Tom returned to Dad. Tom is a consummate professional who looked out for our best interests through the entire sale process.  We are very grateful to him for everything he did to make the sale go through smoothly.

Marie & David Hughes-Palm Beach Gardens Florida

Tom Waidelich of Jupiter Coastal Properties is a top-notch realtor. We were extremely impressed by the professional, knowledgeable and helpful way he handled the sale of our home. Tom was always available and willing to do whatever he could to make sure all aspects of selling our house went smoothly. He is a dedicated and conscientious realtor and we’re happy we chose Tom to be our realtor. 

Donald Cooper and Kelli Denomme – Jupiter Florida

Home selling experiences can take on a life of their own with realtors acting as consummate critics or over-estimating your value to those with a steady and seasoned professionalism whose understanding and empathy for the client produces confidence and trust. The latter is Tom Waidelich. Tom’s understanding of our area with a vast knowledge of prior and present sales gave him the ability to counsel us toward the perfect asking price. Five days later we were finished after over 40 potential buyers at an open house, several showings, and three offers. His negotiating skills were key to our acceptance of the final contract.
As we walked through the steps toward closing, Tom was always a phone call away or stopped by with positive and reassuring recommendations. His clever spreadsheet tool allowed the estimate of closing costs under three scenarios and eliminated our uncertainties. Communicating vital information to us up through the closing appointment produced an assurance I have rarely experienced. I recommend Tom unconditionally and hope to use him again on the buy-side. He is our “top gun” of real estate.

Margaret & Maureen Collins-LaGrange Park Illinois

Tom was the perfect realtor to sell my mother’s Bluffs’ home. Tom handled our situation deftly–keeping me (the lead contact), my mother and sister apprised of the process and next steps. Tom knows the Bluffs developments so well, he was able to provide a well-honed estimate of the house value and suggested asking price.  One special touch that Tom provided was to provide an estimate of the closing costs based on 3 different estimated selling prices. This helped us prepare for the high closing expenses a seller incurs.
Tom provided wise counsel on staging the home. He also provided reasonable, high-quality suggestions for any repairs or cleaning services needed; and then coordinated the services on our behalf. Even though much of the process was handled long-distance, Tom kept us apprised and handled key tasks in our absence. Tom was always available by phone, text, fax or email.  
Tom is the consummate professional.  He struck the right balance in providing recommendations and listening to our ideas.  Remarkably the home had a contract within 10 days of listing and the sale closed within two months of its listing! 

Cynthia Pawlak-Chicago Illinois

Tom is the consummate professional; as an absentee owner, I needed someone I could trust to sell my property.  Tom was always reachable and responsive, more than happy to do the extra things that an absentee owner needs to rely on someone else to do – he takes accountability and pride in what he does and it shows! He made selling my property in this difficult economy seem effortless – because of his knowledge and counsel, the property sold quickly and I felt we got a great price! Exceptional service and value! 

Jennifer Grace-Jupiter Florida

I have known Thomas since 2002, both as a friend, as well as professionally. I actually contacted him when I knew I would be looking for a place. I did so because he is honest and I trust he has my best interests at heart. He also has a tremendous work ethic. He worked with me for about five month’s non-stop. He kept my spirits up when I would start to get discouraged in the process. He would show me anything I wanted to see as soon as possible and answered my e-mails and phone calls right away.

He is very attentive. After looking at everything on the market from say $275,000 and up, I found a perfect home listed at $690,000 and bought it for $517,500. Wow! I had a back-up position on this property for three weeks and Thomas did a great job negotiating that intense process.

I was very pleased with his services and yes I will list the home I just bought with Thomas when that time comes, hopefully not to soon. I would also use him again in a heart beat to find a new home as well.

Tom Damico- Jupiter, Fl

Having my own real estate business in Connecticutfor twenty years, I know what to look for when selecting an agent. I purchased my last investment property through Tom Waidelich and was more than pleased with the service and professionalism he showed me. My dealings with Tom were so positive that I gave him two friends as referrals.

 Pavel Mischenko-Moscow, Russia

I divide my time between Russia and USA. Last year I moved from New York to Florida. My good friend recommended Tom Waidelich as a realtor to buy a house in Jupiter. He told me that he used him a few times himself and was very pleased with his service and he described Tom as an honest, “not pushy” agent who really works with you on your “dream house” project for the money you have to invest. So I asked Tom to help me out with my first Florida place. Tom proved to be very attentive, he asked me for my particular interests regarding my future house…what kind I am looking for and what are my specific needs etc. Then we looked at about 10 different places…I had decided to buy one place (it was very good deal financially)…and was ready to sign…at that day in the morning – Tom gently insisted that before I go ahead with place –  I should look at one more house as it could meet my wants and desires even better…Thanks to God that I did listen to Tom and looked at that house. It was my really “dream place”!!! Immediately I was ready to buy and willing to pay the asking price but Tom helped to negotiate even better deal! Thank you, Tom!

Now almost two years after I have been in me “dream place”, and I am truly happy here. I am thinking about buying another place now and will use of course Tom again and I am recommending him to my all my friends including Russian since prices in Florida are still very very good.

Neil & Susan Katz-Jupiter Florida

We could not be more pleased with Mr. Waidelich.  He is exceptionally honest, patient, and pleasant.  We have bought 3 properties in Juno/Jupiter and have used other agents and Tom is far superior to any of them. 

 Cameron Hitchcock-West Palm Beach, FL

My home buying experience got off to a very rough start. I went through 3 realtors and many missed opportunities until I finally asked a good friend of mine who he used to find his amazing apartment inCity Place. He referred me to Tom Waidelich whose service and attention to detail was unparalleled. I had a relatively small budget which had no effect on Tom’s tenacity to get me my dream home. The whole process took over 6 months and multiple offers, and not once during this time did I wonder if he was still searching diligently. The most significant problem I had with the other realtors was their lack of communication and doubt that they were still searching for me. This was not the case with Tom. He would check in with me every week at a minimum and send me new properties as soon as they hit the market. In fact, the house I ended up purchasing would not have been mine without Tom’s timely action and pursuit of new properties. It went on the market on a Wednesday evening at 4:30 when I was working inCaliforniaand we had an offer on the table the next morning. All the other potential buyers put in offers 30% over mine but because we limited other offers in the contract they had to sell to me for the lower price. I am a commercial pilot and am constantly out of town. Tom went over and above to get me this home and went as far as paying to get my water and electric turned on for inspections and did not ask for a penny in return.

It has taken me three other realtors and a lot of stress to finally find Tom Waidelich. When other acquaintances of mine say they are looking for a house and they have close friends that are realtors or that they are purchasing without a realtor I tell them they will have much less stress and more money in their pocket if they use Tom. Not only is Tom a great realtor during the buying process but he still checks in with me from time to time  to make sure the house is doing alright and answers any questions I have. All in all I would not be in the position I am in with an amazing house at a great price in a critical time in the market without Tom Waidelich.

Peter G Finney -Tecumseh, MI

I used Thomas as my real estate agent and was 100% satisfied. He is straight forward, honest and was very available for showing us homes. I had used other realtors prior to using Thomas and they would not show me short sales or foreclosures. Thomas was well versed in all types of real estate sales and showed me any property that looked right for me and my family.

Since my purchase, I have recommended him to a couple of relatives. They have since worked with Thomas, purchased homes and had the same positive experience that I had with him.

I would most definitely use him again and definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a new home.